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Things we now know:

  • Finland tends to feel like he’s a bit of an outsider in the Nordic group due to his language.
  • Estonia desperately wanting to be a Nordic jokes are now basically canon.
  • Fenno-Uralic trio is actually a thing.
  • The Baltics aren’t happy being a duo. 
  • Norway’s hairclip is a magical mobile phone. This is like the most important thing ever revealed in Hetalia canon.
  • Denmark had a rad moustache once.
  • Even when narrating, Finland has a hard time not calling Sweden ‘Su-san/Sve/ MEESTOR SWE.’
  • Judging by Sweden being shocked by a child crying at his expression, it’s arguably confirmed that Sweden doesn’t actually know how intimidating he is, or at the very least doesn’t mean to upset people.
  • Sweden finds Finland’s hope for a sauna in Valhalla to be cute/funny, which makes him laugh. Fin seems surprised, which suggests Sweden doesn’t laugh very often. In other words, Fin is likely one of the few people able to make Sweden laugh. (Fuckin’ cute.)
  • The Nordics are fucking ridiculous (that’s not new information though, in fairness.)


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